1. Impart sound basis of education, along with modern time, through the medium of English, designed to produce a real sense of vocation and a spirit of service of God and country.
  2. Train in leadership and responsibility and develop integrity of character and countesy.
  3. Provide education to boys and girls of all communities, who can fit in with the benefit from type of education and training provided.
  4. Build up high morals and better condect to make the student worthy citizens India.

Role of Parents

Parents play a vital role in enabling an institution to achieve its objectives. They are requested to co-operate with the school in all matter and abide by the school rules so that a healthy tone is maintained in the life of the school.
Academic year: From 1st April to 31 st March


The school is recognize by U.P. state government.


It is Compulsory to have 75% of attendance to make a child eligible for any public Examination


Admission is granted to candidate on fulfilling certain conditions:
Admission to the pre-primary classes is granted on the basis of the candidate's age.

The various categories are:

Nurturing with Care

At Glory Modern School, Sahpau, Distt. Hathras. The student is the most prized possession. The school's student-teacher ratio helps to provide individual attention to each student.


The School encourages a Knowledge-seeking attitude in its student, it maintains a well equipped library , for the use of teacher and student, that has more than 1665 books ,encyclopedias , dictionaries ,reference book and manual. Library also subscribes to nearly 20 periodicals on various subject .Student are encouraged and trained to make effective use of the library, and separate period is allotted in the school time table

Computer Lab

In keeping with the time ,once of the areas of focus for the school has introduced to specially designed course to initiate the student in the use of computer

Sport & Fitness Facilities

Located in a relatively pollution –free atmosphere ,the school is instrumental in developing student with an able mind and a health body .A complete health programme is worked out for the student during the course of their school career. Medical checkups are also conducted for them on a regular basis. The facilities available include spacious field and playing courts for different game .The school provides training in yoga and martial arts to the student to ensure their proper physical growth and all round development .Gymnastics and calisthenics are also included in the physical educating curriculum.


The school celebration all the festivals with zest and fervor. Splendid display of colour and festivities surround these celebration , be it dusshera,Diwali ,X-mas,Holi,Janmashtami ,id-ul-Zula, Id-ul-Fitr or Basant Panchami independence day and Republic Day are also Celebrated ith enthusiasm .talks by eminent personalities and staff members are organized on these occasions.

Personality Development

At Glory modern school emphasis is laid on developing the personality of the student .The co-curricular activities are designed to nurture their holistic growth These activities encompass a wide range and include, among other, spray painting clay-modelling calligraphy.

Medical Facilities

There is provision for proper medical cares in the school .The school has infirmaries for minor ailments .Student are looked after by trained compounder under the supervision of a qualified Doctor .Case of Serious illness are treated in certain Fixed nursing home

General Rules and Regulation Discipline

The student shall confirm to a high standard of discipline in and out side of the school. No student is allowed to leave the school campus without permission of the authorities.

Instruction for the Payment of Fees

Note: Fees once deposited will in no case, be refunded.

  1. All dues are to be paid up to the 10th day of every months. Incase of a holiday/Student on 15th day of the month, fees may be deposited on the next day without fine
  2. Fees can also be paid after the 19th day of the month with the late fees up to the last working date of the next month. There after the name of the student will we struck of the register for the non-payment due is the and of the day. If the child is withdraw in the first half of the session that is up to October,six month fee will be charge .if the child withdraw after the month of October full year fee will be charged.
    Fee for the full session will charged even if a student join late, leaves early for absents himself/herself during a part of the term,No concession of any sort will be allowed in fees.

Security & Hygienic

  1. Purified Drinking Water for Children.
  2. As the school campus is under CCTV Surveillance, so that student security is not compromise.
Parents – Teacher Meeting:

Communication or meeting between parents and teacher in not permitted during class hours. The parents may meet the teacher once in a month in the classrooms. Parents will be informed much in advance by a circular.

Parents are requested to ensure see that:

  1. Their wards come to college regularly,punctually and neatly dressed.
  2. Thair diaries and note books are proplerly maintained.
  3. They do their home work regularly.
  4. They do not wear jewellery or gold rings or ear rings.
  5. All boys must keep their hair short. (except Sikh boys) and girls must be up their hair neatly with red ribbons. No student is allowed to wear hair colour, mehandi or nail polish.
  6. The teacher have written certain remarks and observations.
  7. They do not have money.
  8. They turn up for games and other college activities.

The College expects the pupils to:

  1. Carefully abide by the rules of college.
  2. Take part in colleges activities.
  3. Attend evening games.
  4. Speak English during class hours.
  5. Be polite to friends and respectful to teachers.
  6. Do the home work assignment.
  7. Keep college property neat and clean.
  8. Possess a copy of the college calendar .
  9. Be  punctual not be go out of the college without Principal’s permission.
  10. Turn out: Neat and clean uniform,hair-cut and shoes.
  11. Live up to and keep up the College motto “Press Onward”
  12. Be conscious and abide by the traffic rules.