From the Manager's Desk

Mahavir Prasad Sharma (Guru)


Glory Modern School In keeping with our school motto ”Knowledge & Charity” , we aim to empower our students to discover that learning is an ongoing experience and thus enable them to become life long learners. Our efforts are to make students realize that striving for excellence, academic or otherwise must be the goal in life.

To achieve the above, the school words in five major areas. 1. Sports, 2. Discipline, 3. Academic Excellence, 4. Personality Development, 5. Innovation and Creativity.

With the dedicated and motivated staff, GLORY Modern SCHOOL provides the necessary caring, nurturing and learning environment, it is the aim of the school to empower the students to have confidence in themselves and be ready to access their dreams. Education is an alliance between student, teacher and parents and thus parental involvements plays a key role achieving our goal.

At GLORY MODERN SCHOOL our endeavors is to tap the hidden, inherent potential of the child as we firmly believe that “the essential spring of all growth is within us.” What a child does spontaneously, helps not only in the process of creativity, but also enhances his personality. Our effort here has been to provide constant stimulation for the mind. By building a conductive environment in which the students can exhibit their talent in academics, in creative and performing arts, in games and sports. The culminates in child’s harmonious and well balanced developments of personality, in an injoyable manner, strengthened by the values of compassion and empathy, which we Inculcate in our student at Glory Modern School.